Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Legend of Johnny Lingo’s Eight Cow Woman

Johnny Lingo, a Polynesian trader visited the island to bargain for a wife. Mahana, the young woman he desired, is considered by all the islanders to be of little value, sullen, ugly and undesirable. As the bargaining is about to begin, women of the island brag to each other about how many cows their husbands had given for each of them (usually 2 or 3 cows), and comment that Mahana's father will be lucky to see one cow as Lingo's offer.

In the end, Johnny Lingo offers an unheard-of price of eight cows for Mahana’s hand in marriage. The villagers are stunned as they watch Johnny Lingo take Mahana as his bride for eight whole cows and leave the island for a trading trip. When they come back, the village discovers (to their astonishment), that Mahana is a beautiful, happy and radiant woman. Even Mahana's father began accusing Johnny Lingo of cheating him by giving only eight cows for a girl truly worth ten cows. Indeed, Johnny had shown Mahana that her true worth had nothing to do with what others saw, but her own beauty that lied within. And that was all the confidence Mahana needed to become her most beautiful self.

So, join us at our quarterly enrichment night where, just like Mahana, you can learn how to unlock the inner “8 Cow Woman” that dwells inside you! We will have the opportunity to learn from 2 special guest speakers at the following breakout sessions:

Becoming a Holy Cow
How to unlock your inner spirituality.
Taught by Cheryl Bodhaine, Moorisville Ward

Simply Mooovelous, Darling
Transforming your wardrobe into modest clothing with a touch of sheik.
Taught by Annie Hall & Loanne Bartholomew, Raleigh 1st Ward

Udderly Precious!
A craft demonstration on baby hair clips for your little calf.
Taught by Heidi Sorenson & Emily Bartlett, Cary 2nd Ward

**Optional Attire: Hawaiian Shirts & Hula Skirts!**

**Childcare will be provided!**

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